Achieving a Natural Balance in Nutrition (First Steps) Part 1

If you are just starting to make healthier dietary choices, here are some pointers for starting out:
There are two things that throw peoples natural balance out whack: refined carbohydrates and EFA ratio…
Refined carbohydrates do not exist in nature. We are naturally meant to break down food slowly and steadily for energy.  When our food (especially carbs) are processed it causes an insulin spike, which leads to hormone imbalances. If this theme continues, our chances for diabetes increases.  Most individuals diagnosed with diabetes suffer from a host of other illness- including heart, eyes, weight-issues- all of which compound each other. If thats not enough, all forms of sugar have the ability to suppress your immune system.  Solution…gradually substitute refined carbs with whole food sources.  I stress gradual changes with my clients because it is the only way lasting changes will be made.  Here are a few no-brainers to start:
1. When baking…WAIT I know- you’ve heard this before, but if you insist on having treats, make them yourself- at least you will know what’s in them! Begin substituting bleached flour with whole grain flours, and white sugar with sweeter more natural sources (honey, cane sugar, etc.) and simply use less than the recipe calls for.  After you get comfortable with a recipe, try making more substitutions like- almond/nut meal, applesauce, dried fruits, etc).
2. For sweetening liquids (coffee, tea, etc) use stevia. It dilutes perfectly in liquids, but doesn’t have the bulk for baking.  It’s a natural sweet leaf and although processed it has virtually zero sugar, thus has a minimal effect on blood sugar.  Some find it bitter, but I prefer Now Foods Organic Stevia Extract.
3. Sprouted breads and cereals are becoming more available.  Give them a try…and because they’re soaked and sprouted their nutrients become more available to our body.  Plus, because they are completely whole grain and high in fiber, they are slowly absorbed.
Essential Fatty Acids, aka EFA’s are only obtained through our diet- that’s why the’re essential.  They are further broken down into omega-3 and omega-6. The SAD today contains plenty of omega-6, and almost no omega-3 fats.  Scientists believe the ideal ratio of omega-3 to 6 should be around 1:4.  It is estimated that the ratio today looks more like 1:50+!  While these fats are essential in proper balance, large quantities (of omega-6) promotes disease. Thanks to the modern food-processing industry, Americans eat over 75 pounds of omega-6 fats per year.  It is nearly impossible to consume EFA’s in these quantities unless these fats are refined and altered from nature. But where is it coming from?…Nearly every processed food contains them, and actually the most consumed form is through vegetable and seed oils, and in conventionally raised meats.  Solution…replace damaging fats with more natural forms of fats including- extra-virgin olive/coconut oil, fish oil, avocados, pasture raised meats, nuts, and seeds.
Did these tips help you?
If you have already eliminated processed foods from your diet, how did you do it/tricks along the way?

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  1. Hi Max, I fell into better eating and supplementation after suffering through 4 back surgeries which culminated in a 2 level lumbar fusion. I was left with severe chronic pain that my docs only prescribed stronger and stronger pain meds for. For two years I had no relief until I was referred to some supplements that had helped a friend with his 12 year knee pain. He told me he was pain free for the first time in 12 years and thought I should try these products as well. Having nothing to lose at this point I tried them as well. By the time 90 days had rolled by these supplements had reduced my pain/inflammation by over 70 percent…this was an eye opening experience for me.
    Now for the GREAT part…LOL The one product called Body Balance, is a blend of aloe vera and sea vegetables. Each ounce of this product contains over 120 natural source vitamins and minerals. What I discovered is that this product naturally reduced my sugar and hunger cravings. I believe it supplies the body with nutrients you simply cannot get from our land based food sources and thus reduces the bodies hunger responses. This allowed me to cut back on the foods I ate and thusly lost weight. The second product related to your Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio. At the time I didn’t realize how ell this second product was formulated. This liquid calcium/mineral supplement called OsteOmegaCare, contains Omega 3,6 and 9 EFA’s. There are 4 times the Omega 3’s than Omega 6’s because we don’t get enough 3’s in our diet as you pointed out. The Omega 3 source in this product is supplied by organic flaxseed oil.
    So, in a nutshell, through supplementation I have reduced my intake of processed foods and increased the uptake of my Omega 3’s. I never imagined that my back injury would have led to this nutritional awakening. I guess there really is good in every situation if you look for it hard enough LOL

    You can read about this products on my Blog at

    take care,

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