WOD 11.16.09

Workout performed at 21 hours+ fasted state…last meal completed at 9pm Sun 11.15.09


5 min light jumprope

2 min Farmer’s Walk (35lb DB’s)

50 Power Shrugs (35lb DB’s)

200 Punches (alt jabs)

2 min jump rope fast

WOD: (Modified ‘Angie’) for time…

  1. 50/each: pull-ups,push-up,sit-ups,squats  8:17 min
  2. 25/each (same)  3:35 min
  3. 25/each (same)  3:29 min

Next: The ‘500’ Jump rope Descending Pyramid performed as fast as possible for time…

  1. 500  2:29 min
  2. 400  1:50
  3. 300  1:27
  4. 200  0:54
  5. 100  0:24

Total time to complete workout: 48 min.  Felt good. Time to take a FIR Sauna, shower, then break the fast with some grass-fed burgers!

Be Well,



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