WOD 11.20.09

Traps were pretty shot from yesterdays  http://tinyurl.com/ydg2g6m Squat Cleans.  Also, I realized after posting it, I thought I may need a carb re-up, but I decided against it.  Instead did the logical thing today…upped my “good fats” intake.  No meals today, but I did wake up to 1 large Tbls of cod liver oil, and added coconut oil (about 2-3 Tbls) into my coffee(s)…don’t hate, they were only 1/2 caff ;))

Felt great going into the workout today…this continued through the whole routine.  The fats worked!


Warmup: 2 min jumping around the room.

WOD #1: AMRAP in 10 minutes:

  • 150 jump rope (speed singles)
  • 30 sec swiss ball planks

Completed 6 rounds just in time.

WOD #2:  5 rounds for time:

  • Bike 30 sec
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 10 double unders

Completed 5 rounds in 5:14

WOD #3: 7 rounds for time:

  • 10 DB (2 x 50 lbs) Bench press
  • 10 DB (2 x 50 lbs) Sumo deadlifts
  • 10 double unders

Completed 7 rounds in 11:29

Then: 5 min jump rope (speed/mixed)

Next: 10 min agility/footwork/sprints (random/mixed)

Finish: 10 min light jog

Total workout time: 52 min


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