WOD 11.21.09

Consumed good fats throughout the day: 1 Tbls CLO apon waking, 2 Tbls coconut oil in my coffee(s), 3 Tbls schmaltz about 1 hr pre WOD.

Pre, peri, and post WOD steadily sipped on Keto Shake (my recipe: http://tinyurl.com/yg4vxrd)

RDL’s, Bear Crawls, and More…

Warmup: 2 miles on stationary bike, plus 5 min jump rope (speed/mixed)

WOD: Complete 5 rounds, minimal breaks (15-45 sec) after each round allowed. Main idea is to keep each round explosive.

  1. 50 RDL (wide grip)
  2. 10 Pull-ups
  3. 30 Bench Dips
  4. 150 ropes jump (all-out)

Completed 5 rounds in 19:50 (avg 4 min rounds)

Then @ Track:

  1. 1/2 mile jog
  2. 50 Yard Bear Crawls/50 yard run (active rest) X 4 rounds
  3. 1/2 mile jog
  4. Stadium Sprints (the stadium has 36 step per staircase) :  sprint up (2 stairs @ a time) / ‘Hot’ steps down (touching each step, but touching shortest time possible) X 12 sets

Finish: 1/2 mile walk = active stretching/ gets the lactic acid flowing.

Total Workout Time: 58 minutes

Felt good today.  Indoor tennis with my old college buddy Pilner.

Did you get your WOD on today? Make the time.  It’s worth it for you AND your loved ones.

Be Well,



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