WOD 11.24.09

I was fired up to hit the weights today (and pretty much any day) because I had taken a Rest Day yesterday.

Had 1 Tblsp CLO, 2 Tbls cacao powder today.  1 keto shake throughout the workout.

Today, I took on the ‘BEAR’…

Warmup: 10 minutes:

  1. 150 Jumping Jacks/150 Jump ropes (mild pace)
  2. 100 JJ’s/100JRopes (medium)
  3. 50 JJ’s/50 JRopes (speed) x 3 rounds

WOD:  The “Bear’ :

…5 Rounds Total consisting of 7 sets/round of: power cleans, front squat, push press, back squat, push press…Rest only as needed, as long as you NEVER put the bar down!! (except to increase weight). Work up to max load final round.  Have performed this a few times before- it’s a killer for sure.

  1. 65 lbs Bar
  2. 65 lbs
  3. 65 lbs
  4. 65 lbs
  5. 65 lbs
  6. 75 lbs
  7. 95 lbs

If you noticed, the ‘Bear’ calls for 5 rounds, but I got wrapped up in it, and did 7 rounds!  Next time, I’d like to get up to 125 lbs.

Completed 7 rounds in 19:24, and was absolutely dripping with sweat/ laid out apon completion.

Took a 2 minute breather, sipped on the keto shake, and found a second wind!

Next: 5 minutes Jump Rope (speed/mixed)

WOD (Part 2): AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

  • 12/each side Sumo DB (50 lbs) Sumo-Uni-Deadlifts
  • 150 Jump Rope (speed)

Completed 6 Rounds, plus 11 extra deads before time ran out.

Cool-Down: 5 minutes footwork/agility/jrope mix

Total Workout Time: 44 minutes

<note: managed to video tape the ‘Bear’ complex, so be on the lookout>

Be Well,




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