WOD 11.30.09

Usual CLO Tbls in AM, cacao powder with coffee (decaf).  Just received some 100% pure organic unrefined cocoa butter, and subbed that in for the coconut oil in Keto Shake.  Cocoa butter is actually just the cocoa fat, and contains no chocolate…rest assure its darn good and another one of those ‘good’ fats 🙂

Strength Day with added endurance work for good measure today.

Warmup: 4 min jump rope

Then: 4 rounds NO breaks of: 25 squats/25 double unders

*Managed to really get a good rhythm on my double unders. Only snagged the rope 6 times throughout this whole circuit!

WOD: 5 sets: Front Squats (3,3,3,3,3) reps load to max weight. Kept moving in between sets with sets of 21 jumping pull-ups.

  1. 3 reps @ 135 lbs/ 21 jumping pull-ups
  2. 3 @ 145/21
  3. 3 @ 145/21
  4. 3 @ 155/21
  5. 3 @ 165 (PR)/21

This WOD was strenuous, and by the final rep, I came too close to not making it back up from the bottom of the squat.  It was worth it because I hit a new Front Squat Personal Record (PR).


While I was loose I added a few more lbs to the bar, and threw in a couple extra moves, too.  3 rounds of:

  • 3 reps @ 201 lbs back squats
  • 150 jump ropes (mix)
  • 12 reps @ 100 lbs power shrugs

Finish: 10 min agility/footwork drills.

Total Workout Time: 37 minutes

Legs are sore already…Playing a few hours of tennis tomorrow.

Be Well,




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