WOD 12.02.09

Had 2 Tbls CLO, and 1 Tbls coconut oil in the morning.  Fasted the rest of the day. Green tea around noon.

Was feeling ambitious today, and took full advantage…I performed Multi-WOD’s back to back with little rest in between.

The first WOD is designed for my clients to use on the go, and it’s a met-con (metabolic conditioning) circuit that burns the most fat in a very short timespan…plus since it revs your metabolism (unlike steady-state cardio) you will continue to burn throughout the entire day!  If you are building a base of conditioning, start with one circuit, take breaks as needed.  Also, the reps can be scaled down, as well.  Once you are able to complete 3-4 circuits, try the AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) version here…

Warmup: 5 min jump rope

WOD #1) AMRAP in 5 min of the following circuit with NO breaks:

  • 15 squats
  • 15 push-ups
  • 30 jumping jacks

* Completed 5 rounds, plus an additional 15 squats + 2 push-ups.


WOD #2) Tire Throwing!

<Note: I went to a local tire/brake store, and they were more than happy to GIVE me any tires I wanted>

So I have 3 different tires: 30, 50 and 75 lbs. The 30 pounder is a car tire, but the other two are made for small trucks (wide).

Set up the 3 tires on a 25% (grade) hill.  Distance for round 1 and 2 were 30 ft and 40 ft respectively…

  1. 70 lb tire: sumo deadlift, to power flip
  2. 50 lb tire: full squat snatch, to power thruster with throw
  3. 30 lb tire: reverse throw
  4. 2 min jump rope

* Completed 2 rounds in just under 11 min.  Then drove to the local tennis courts (outdoor) to take advantage of this beautiful weather! Downed some H2O and 1/2 Keto Shake on the way there (finished the other 1/2 during tennis).


WOD #3) Tennis with college whipper-snapper, Josh Roer:

  • 30 min drills
  • 70 min matchplay

Total Workout Time: 2 hours

After a long day of endurance/met-con training, a rest day tomorrow would be in order…but I just love this stuff, so I’ll most likely do a strength day (heavy weight, low reps and generally less volume).

Be Well,



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