WOD 12.09.09

After taking on ‘Cindy’ yesterday, I wanted to try ‘Helen’ which is another CrossFit benchmark WOD.

Warmup) 10 minutes:

  1. 3 min jump-rope
  2. 50 bench dips
  3. 2 min DB (2 x #25’s) swings (did 72)
  4. 3 min jump rope

WOD) ‘HELEN’ : 3 rounds for time…

  • 400m sprint
  • 21 1.5 pood (1.5 pood=52lbs) Kettlebell Swings
  • 12 Pull-ups

Too stormy (snow/rain) outside, so I subbed 90 sec jump-rope (sprint style).  Also subbed DB (2 x #25) swings, as I have not broke down and bought KB’s yet.  Did jumping pull-ups, too.

This was my 1st time doing ‘Helen’ and was quite happy with the way it went down.

*Completed time 7:13 min.

________________________2 min break___________________

Then) 3 rounds of this combo circuit:

  • 60 sec double unders
  • 30 reps DB (2 x #35) swings

*Took  just under 10 min to complete, not including short (45 sec) break in between circuits.

________________________2 min break____________________

Still had a bit more in the tank, and focused on the obliques…


  1. 100 DB (2 x #35) Standing Oblique twists, with DB’s held near/above shoulders.
  2. 100 DB (2 x #35) Standing Oblique flexion, with DB’s held along sides.

*No time component here, just finish all resp before moving on to the next move.  These particular exercises

Total Workout Time 35 minutes.

Had 2 scoops of protein powder/ double Keto Shake (custom blend) pre, peri, and post workout.  Have been going below my usual 50-75g carb intake/day lately.  It’s actually been closer to 20g/day, so I have increased my omega 3’s with more CLO (3-4 Tbls), and omega 6’s with more nuts/nut butter (yum!).  Performance in and out of the gym has been noticabley productive!

Hope you made time to move around today.

Be Well,



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