WOD 12.17.09

Heavy Bench Day

Warmup: 6 min…jump rope, footwork, dips, push-ups.

WOD) Heavy Bench day:

  1. DB Press Incline (2 x 45’s) / 15 reps
  2. DB Press Incline (2 x 50’s) / 12 reps
  3. Flat BB Bench 125 lbs./12 reps
  4. 175/8
  5. 225/3
  6. 235/1
  7. 235/failed…no spotter/it wasn’t pretty
  8. 185/6
  9. 185/6
  10. 175/7
  11. 145/13
  12. 145/12
  13. 125/16+

*Still nursing a left shoulder strain from several months back, but admittedly bench isn’t my strongest exercise.  235 remains my 1RM for now.

Jump rope, and shadow boxing in between sets.

Cool down: 3 min. light jump rope/ footwork.

Yesterday’s Multi-WOD must of took a lot out of me, because I didn’t have as much in the tank today as I would’ve liked.  Still, I got it in, and some days that’s okay.

Total Workout Time: 22 minutes

Be Well,



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