Trainers Tip: Winter Calorie Burn

Every Snowflake is Unique, Just Like Us

Getting a boatload of snow may be perceived in so many ways.  While at the grocery store (along with everyone and their brother) before a snowstorm, I engaged a few people in line.  <Note: As a wellness coach, I’m always trying to pry into what motivates people/ gets their bottome moving>. It began a bit awkwardly, but that may have just been due to ridiculous furry/puffy winter hat I was wearing ;).  Once the woman behind me got past the hat, she let me into her world- a bit…

Me: How much snow did you here?

Woman: 4 to 6 (inches)

Me: I heard 5 to 8…but they don’t really know.

<Note: While listening to her, I am making some observations including: flush skin, postural issues, obese, 70-80 % processed foods , commercial meats, and zero veggies in grocery cart>.

Woman: Ehh, I don’t want any of it…and I heard it’s going to snow on Christmas!

Me: You mean you don’t want a white Christmas??

Woman: Nope, I commute, and plus I can’t stand the cold.  And oh…the shovelling.

<Note: Man chimes in, from behind her…but as he does I am- unfortunately- making all the same observations about him, as I did her; but he’s morbidly obese>

Man: Well, I heard 6 to 10 (inches) and I’ve gotta commute to Long Island.  I used to do a lot of plowing there.  Now I drive trucks. They do a good job of clearing the roads, but I can’t stand that shovelin’ either.

Me: Well, the fresh air can be invigorating, though.

Woman and Man: Achk (in stereo)


So what are you saying, Max?!


My point is that I look around and- unfortunately- I see more and more people making choices in their lives, that are damaging.  Crap in = Crap out!! It all starts with nutrition.  Yes, we need to eat to survive.  It’s been like that for our entire existence.  But, since we no longer (most of us) have to hunt for our food, we have complete control over what we put in.  So, 70-80 % of the man and woman at the grocery store was processed ‘food.’  Next time they go to the store, replacing just a portion of it with whole foods is a GREAT start.  Also, we vote with our dollars.  The industry does not care whether a food is healthy, or not…it’s about the bottom line.  This is costing us a bigger bottom-end!  But, it doesn’t have to.  Whole foods don’t need to cost an arm and a leg.  Slowly converting away from the SAD to ‘Wholey’ (if it’s not a term yet, it should be, haha) will bring the price down for everyone.  I actually recommend my clients to eat as much whole foods as they wish, to begin with.  Go ahead and try to eat a couple of pounds of fruits/veggies/beans/pastured meats, etc.  Unlike processed foods, this is tough to do.  Also, being no-weighed and non-measured, a subconscious vail is lifted.

Winter Calorie Burn

After nutrition, it’s about getting movement.  When you see the flakes falling, it will automatically illicit feelings, memories, and emotions.  Hopefully, most are good.  So, my friends at the grocery store didn’t enjoy this time of the year too much.  Maybe they just need a different spin on things…like my list of ways to make ‘Ol Man Winter work for you!! Here are some fun ways to get moving in the snow, that will lift your spirits AND burn some calories while you’re at it:

  1. Building a snowman__________________________238 calories/hr
  2. Holiday shopping____________________________157
  3. Shoveling snow______________________________408
  4. Ice skating__________________________________467
  5. Playing in the snow___________________________306
  6. Skiing/Snowboarding_________________________300-544
  7. Caroling____________________________________129
  8. Snowball fight________________________________396
  9. Sledding____________________________________476
  10. Splitting firewood____________________________408
  11. Walking around neighborhood looking for a snowblower to borrow____170 +
  12. Taking out all your aggregation on sheet of ice formerly your driveway___4 million (avg.)
  13. Hot toddy after ‘driveway incident____________ (-) 150

No, I don’t expect you to go shovel snow for a few hours…even though it could burn half of your caloric intake for the day!  Find something on this list you enjoy (save the hot toddy), and get moving everybody!  Creating a custom circuit of a few activities, and burn calories without even thinking about it.  For example…

Winter Workout Sample:

  • Warm-up: 10 min shoveling snow  (50 cal)
  • 15 min snowball fight  (100 cal)
  • 20 min walk around neighborhood while caroling (100 cal)
  • Cool-down: holiday shopping (157)

There”s a full body workout that was actually fun! Calories burned without even thinking about it: 300+

Bottom line…eat wholey, and make this winter fun! It’s all in how we perceive things.

Be Well,



Winter Calorie burn ,

<Note: The calorie are based on 150 lb person.  The ice picking figure may be contrived, but the others are solid, lol>.


One Response

  1. Dear Max, I love your ‘keep it simple approach’! Hilarious and fun!
    Btw, I’m leaving to shovel some snow and perhaps have a snowball fight with my husband.. 396 cal. per hr.???
    Thx for you encouragement!

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