WOD 12.23.09



5 minutes: Dips, push-ups, squats, light deadlifts.



10 Rounds for time (no breaks)

15 Reps per movement, alternating between:

1) Deadlifts (135 lbs)

2) Push-ups

* Completed 10 rounds in 13:08 minutes…New PR Yay!!

This was my 3rd attempt at this routine…hitting new PR’s each time feels darn good 🙂

1st Attempt 10.16.09______21:30, using 125 lbs.

2nd Attempt 10.28.09_____14:21, using 135 lbs.


Threw in a few RDL’s (Romanian Deadlifts)____2 sets, 25 reps/each, with 95 lbs.

Next, came the car (Honda Civic) pushing part of the routine:

8 Rounds (no breaks)

30 strides per round


Vehicle pushing is an extremely advanced exercise.  It’s a great way for athletes, bodybuilders, and mixed martial artists alike.  Being that it’s a total body exercise makes it functional, and a fantastic move to build muscular strength and endurance.

Total Workout Time_____28 minutes

Total Weight Used___________a lot!

Does anyone know how much a 2001 Honda Civic weighs?

Had another great workout partner today…thanks Ryan- for your great effort in the gym, and letting me push your Honda!

Yes, this move is quite advanced…however, the vehicle may be substituted for another apparatus.  A wheel-barrel would work.  How about a baby stroller…yep that’d be just fine.  What other items could we push?

Be Well,



2 Responses

  1. I enjoyed my first wod with max yesterday. I was a little nervous coming into as I had been recovering from a pulled abdomominal sustained playing tennis. Max adjusted the workout to limit my abdominal stabilization issues. Job well done, abs are fine today. I have been working out for years at different gyms. I also am an avid tennis player looking to occasionally play weekend tournaments. I am looking to gain muscular endurance that translates into better on court performance and am looking to get a more toned physique. I used to be in good shape but got heavy the last six years living in Texas. On the tennis court my performance would drop after thirty minutes. I have now lost 30 pounds since I began training on the tennis court with Max last summer. I took up Max’s crossfit offer yesterday and loved it. I recommend it to anyone looking to get in shape. I was sweating and grunting more than I ever would in my traditional gym workout. Max did an excellent job motivating and explaining the form of the exercises. I’m hooked on this new form of training!

    • Hey Ryan,

      It was great to have you at the studio yesterday!
      While your mobility was slightly limited, your efforts certainly were not. Congratulations on your first WOD! Just completed a CrossFit Style Routine is impressive. I think we scaled the WOD perfectly for you, too.

      Are you open with yourself/PT?
      Did you know that we’re human just like you?

      I’m really happy to be a part of your reconnection with your fitness, and nutrition. Keep it up my man, and I look forward to see where this journey takes you!
      Be Well,

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