WOD 12.29.09


Pre Game

2 min Jump rope

Then…4 Rounds of this circuit:

1) 12 push-ups

2) 21 squats

3) 12 dips

4) 60 sec jump rope

Main WOD


Annie is a CrossFit benchmark workout routine. Perform this 2 exercise circuit as fast as possible:

1) Double unders

2) Full sit-ups

Rep sequence 50, 40, 30, 20, 10

* Completed “ANNIE” in 8:46 minutes

This was my second attempt at this routine.  The 1st time, I was unable to execute double unders- a jump rope maneuver where the rope travels under your feet twice per jump. A good substitution is knee tucks.

I have since got a nice feel for this move. In all 5 rounds, I did not miss one jump.

1st attempt on 10.29.09_______11:34 min

2nt attempt on 12.29.09________8:46 min

Shaved off nearly 3 minutes!

After Party

Took a breather, sipped on a protein shake, and knocked out another 2 move circuit. Perform 5 rounds for time:

1) 20 (10/side) reps 50 lb DB Sumo-unilateral deadlifts

2) 10 reps 75 lb BTN push press

* Completed 5 rounds in 9:56 min

Hotel Lobby

Finished my shake, and performed executed this routine for time:

12 reps 50 lb DB Swings (DBS)

250 single unders (SU)

22 DBS

250 SU

32 DBS

250 SU

22 DBS

250 SU

12 DBS

250 SU

* Completed this mega set in 12:02 min


Total Workout Time ______ 41 minutes

After taking yesterday off, I was primed for hitting the WOD(s) today!

Are you going big with your workouts this holiday season? Are ya working out at this time at all?

Any one of these routines would definitely fit the bill, if you’re looking for a quick workout you can do just about anywhere.

Be Well,

– Maximillian Barry


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