WOD 01.02.10

19 Hour fasted-state pre-workout.  Had a double green tea, 400mg caffeine, and taurine shooter just prior to starting  WOD.



5 min Jump Rope

* * *

Next, grab a broomstick:

50 Standing Twists with plyometric opposite leg lift

50 Good Mornings

50 Squats

* * *

50 Bench Dips

50 Push ups on Swiss ball (mixed)



Alternate between the following 2 exercises, as fast as possible:

a) 15 reps 135 lb Deadlifts

b) 15 Push ups

10 Rounds

* I completed 10 rounds in 15:54 min.

Felt really good on the push ups; breezed through them without any lapses.

The deadlifts were ok; took a slight break around the 10th rep on the last 6 rounds.


Heavy Deadlifts:

1) 8 reps @ 195 lbs

2) 6 reps @ 225

3) 2 reps @ 311

* Hit a new PR on 3rd set! Attempted a 4th set, but it wasn’t happening.



Finally, perform 3 sets of the following 2 exercises as a superset, and take a 1 min break before attempting again:

a) 8 reps/each side One Arm DB or KB Snatches @ 45 lbs

b) 60 sec jump rope (sprint)

* * *

Then 2 sets of the same moves:

a) 15 reps/each side One Arm DB or KB Snatches @ 35 lbs

b) 2 min jump rope

* * * * *



It always feels good to hit new PR’s. i attribute it consistantcy in the gym, but so much of it is due to clean eating.

When was the last time you hit a PR? What exercise were you doing?

Just getting into a workout rhythm is the first step. Challenge yourself each time you do get in your workouts.

This was the 4th time I have performed this Deadlift/Push up WOD. If you’re intermediate to advanced, try is as is.  Otherwise, scale the weights, and the reps down to what is do-able now.  It’s okay to take breaks when scaling WOD’s as well.

I want to leave you with a short & sweet CrossFit Video: Shoulder Warmup

Was this video helpful to you?

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Be Well,

Maximillian Barry


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  1. […] form was good throughout. Felt so darn good, that i decided to break my Deadlift PR on 01.02.10 (here) of 311 lbs for 2 reps…I recall it was NOT pretty. In fact, my form was gross on the 2nd rep, […]

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