Quickie WOD 01.04.10

Try this Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) Routine:

Minimal equipment needed, and you can do it anywhere!

* * *


A) 10 MED BALL CLEANS (20 lbs)

B) 10 Burpees

* * *

* Post times and comments below.

** If you don’t have a medicine ball, substitute with 2 x 10 lb dumbbells, or simply do squats without weights.

Advanced_______Perform as recommended.

Intermediate______________5 rounds only.

Beginner_________________3 rounds only.


<Note: Above shows a proper full squat clean with a barbell. Today we are using a med ball or DB’s>


Did you love/hate this workout?

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Be Well,

Maximillian Barry


6 Responses

  1. Would it be ok to go straight from pic 1 to pic 3 in the burpees?

  2. Tried this for the 1st time after 2night’s Legs training..did only 3 sets in about 5 min’ to get acquainted with this..THAT IS TOUGH, man..got back to the apartment, so only had a set of dumbbells..but still..let’s see how it goes next time..will keep you updated => THANK YOU for this challange

    • Hi Avi,
      Glad to see you tried this one…especially after a leg session!
      I will generally do my MetCons before the ‘Main Event’
      Off to hit the weights right now…I’ll post results in a bit.

  3. o.k thnxs 4 explaining that..so next time I’ll do it better; b4 “main event”, posting it online..and only then go on & proceed with weights..have a gr8 training session!!!

  4. Here’s how it went down for me today…

    5 min light DB work
    5 min j-rope

    12:43 min

    Part 1:
    2 Rounds of this superset:
    12 reps DB (2 x 50lbs) Flat Bench Press (mixed grips)
    60 sec Farmers Walk DB (2 x 50lbs)

    Part 2:
    Heavy Flat Bench Press
    1. 7 reps/195 lbs
    2. 2/225
    3. 1/235
    4. – /241 (fail)
    5. 1/241 (New PR!!!!)
    6. 7/175
    7. 15/125
    8. 20/125

    -5 min jump rope


    Today’s MetCon was pretty tough!
    I completed cleans with good form throughout, but the burpees got rough towards the last few sets. Full Burpees are done with a push up in the bottom position, and a hop and clap at the top to finish.

    It was great to hit another PR today on the bench press. Previous 1RM was 235 lbs on 12.17.09

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