“FRAN” is a CrossFit benchmark WOD (Workout Of the Day). This means that you will only perform the routine occasionally. You’re results are measured against you previous attempts.

FRAN consists of just 2 exercises:

1. Thrusters

2. Pull Ups



Alternate between the 2 exercises back-to-back. Only rest when you need to, but there are NO planned breaks. Keep the clock running the entire routine, as you are going for your best time. FRAN is known for her intensity, so be prepared to put in the work!

* * *

3 Rounds for time

21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps

Rx Weight: 95 lbs guys / 65 lbs ladies

* * *


Use a weight that is roughly your 5 RM (Rep Max.) and get ‘er done the besy you can…brutally good! 😉

To scale down this routine, you may use a lighter weight on the Thrusters. Also use jumping pull ups if needed/desired.

Also, I just got a nice suggestion from my friend Syncere Martinez via FB. Try “DOUBLE FRAN”…

“We did double thrusters and replaced pull-ups with burpees so it looked like this:

42 thrusters 9 burpees 30 thrusters 6 burpees 18 thrusters 3 burpees, we used only the 45lbs bar for thrusters but its a good old fashion Met-Con. Try it out one day.” Thanks Syn!

* * * * *

I’d love to know what kind of workout routine you’re doing. Maybe you’re just getting into a workout regiment. Maybe you’re a fellow athlete/trainer/fitness-nut. Either way, feel free to share and ask questions here.

Be Well,

Maximillian Barry

Where Nutrition & Fitness Becomes a Lifestyle

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5 Responses

  1. Here’s how my date with IRON went…


    10 min jump rope/dynamics


    “FRAN” WOD
    10:22 min
    I used 95 # Thrusters, and jumped on about 50% of pull ups.
    *Compared to 12.22.09… 7:29 min. I used 75 lb barbell for thrusters., and all jumping pull-ups.
    Happy with this progress.


    Part A) Find new 1 RM Thrusters
    1. 4 reps@125#
    2. 3@145#
    3. 1@165# (New 1RM YAY!!!)

    Part B) Heavy RDLs
    1. 12@165#
    2. 13@165#
    3. 10@175#
    4. 6@225#
    5. 3@251#
    6. 2@265# (New PR!!!!!)
    7. 1@265#

    Active rest b/w sets with light jump rope.
    So pumped with these numbers. Hitting PR’s always feels great! Interesting to note that I’ve gone sub 30g carbs/day for the past 3 days, and boosting the good fats. Intermittent Fasting 20 hrs/day, except for today…had 4 Tbs CLO, cacao powder, coconut milk.


    With 25# barbell:
    100 RDLs
    50 Standing Twists with opposite knee lifts
    5 min SS jump rope

    TOTAL WORK: 42 min

    Been sipping on a custom NU-FiT Protein Shake while posting this containing:
    Sprouted Rice Protein
    Super Fine Shredded Coconut
    Green Tea
    Sea Salt
    Plus…a few other herbs/spices.

  2. Tackled fran for the first time today. Good recommendation/tips. Time 15:53.


    1:35 min of tennis. Lost a 3 set tennis match and broke a racket in half in the process. Either I’m back to being 15 yrs old or just getting pumped to do fran.


    in just under 16 min i did 21,15,9 reps of thrusters and pullups. I finished the 95 pound thrusters without break on the 15 and 9 rep sets. The pullups took forever. I did a mixture of kipping and jumping pullups back at times took long breaks to rest forearms which kept running out of gas. Good workout at ridgefield tennis club

  3. I need some more custom nufit shakes the whey doesnt taste as good. I recommend the nufit protein to any readers it is delish!

    • I will make you another 2 lbs batch for the next time I see you! Glad it’s working for ya and noce job on FRAN today.
      Too funny that you broke your stick…was it worth it?

  4. Probably not worth it i just got it strung. Atleast i was happy with the way fran went. I’m going to select another benckmark for monday preferably total body and legs also. I’m also planning to try to do some sort of crawling on the ground using kettleballs that i saw on yiutube today, looked tough.

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