EXERCISERS…What are your favorite Rest Day activities?


I posed this question on my Facebook Page and Twitter Page:
“EXERCISERS…What are your favorite Rest Day activities?”
Here are some of the responses:
Going to the gym and putting others through workouts

Rest day…whats that? hah

Sitting on the couch all day watching movies and eating. haha

Playing in the snow with my daughter!

Painting my nails and sex. then going to the health food store to purchase chia seeds and flowering tea. 😉

Is sleeping an activity? 😛 If it’s a rest day, shouldn’t we compare our favourite ‘inactivities’? lol

I enjoy going to my local independent book sellar. I can spend hours in there. I’ll take some snacks like Walnuts and Organic grass-fed buffalo jerky, grab me a coffee and just read away the time. I’ll usually finish two books before I leave.

Painting, Writing, Praising God, Using My Brain While the Body Rests.

Epsom salt baths in the dark while my mung beans and brown rice are simmering.

Fasting & reading books that enhance and empower my mind 🙂



Can you relate? Any other ideas we may have left out? Do you even schedule Rest Days?

Either way, feel free to share and ask questions here.

Be Well,

Maximillian Barry

Where Nutrition & Fitness Becomes a Lifestyle

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2 Responses

  1. Yes, I could too spend the whole day in the bookstore… browsing through cookbooks. Then go home and try something new!

  2. I had a Rest Day yesterday: Food prep for the earlier part of the week, blogging, R&D, coffee w Dad, and topped it all off with a 2.5hr tennis training session! Am I nuts????
    Here’s how my WOD went today…


    5 min jump rope
    DB swings
    farmer walks
    push ups


    “Elizabeth” WOD
    21-15-9 reps for time
    a) 95# Cleans
    b) dips
    Time___8:23 min
    Compare to 12.25.09 time___9:52 min
    I used Rx weight, and bench dips.
    R knee was a bit sore today, otherwise I feel like I could’ve shaved off even more time!


    With 45# Weighted vest on:
    3 sets of this triplet, with 60 sec rest b/w sets
    a) 10/each side1-arm DB RDL
    b) farmer walks with 2 x 50# DB’s
    c) 10 push ups


    10 min mix DB/jrope/footwork

    TOTAL WORK: 34 minutes

    It was a great day to sweat! Did you move your body today?

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