Metabolic Conditioning (aka MetCon) Workouts are efficient, brief, and intense.

The META part of the word refers to metabolic pathways, and that has to do with your energy systems.

The CON part refers the conditioning of both the cardio vascular and cardio respiratory systems through a variety of functional exercises executed at high intensity.


Okay, okay- its a great way to boost both your aerobic and anaerobic strength, burn calories, and torch fat quickly!!

1. High Heart Rate
2. Simultaneous Use of Many Muscles
3. Continuous Movement
4. Short to Medium Time (5-30 min)

Some would add to this list…

5. Pain.
6. Increased breathing rate.
7. More pain.

And maybe…

8. Fear and Loathing

LOL! Mostly kidding with numbers 5-8, but it is intense. Hello- that’s why you get such an efficient workout 🙂

Try this simple MetCon I created for you to do in the comfort of your own home…Yep, NO excuses!!!

While some metcon’s are longer than others, The “Triple Play” Metcon (below) should take less than 10 minutes, and ideally under 5 minutes.

MetCons should be performed non-stop, so don’t plan breaks, but rest when needed…keep the intensity up!

* * * * *


* * * * *


Perform the 5 rounds of these 3 exercises back-to-back, as a continues circuit:

A) 10 Push Ups


B) 10 Dips


C) 10 High Knee Tucks



Besides limiting range of motion (ROM) on any/all exercises, possible substitutions include:

A) Push Ups:

1. On knees

2. Standing, pushing against wall

3. Wider feet/hand positioning

B) Dips:

1. On a lower platform

2. On double bars (harder)

3. On rings (hardest)

C) High Knee Tucks:

1. Double unders (jump rope)

2.Treadmill/bike sprints

3. Jumping jacks

4. Mountain climbers

* * *

Post times and comments below. Got questions- just ask 🙂

Be Well,

Maximillian Barry

Where Nutrition & Fitness Becomes a Lifestyle


12 Responses

  1. It’s on! Doing this tonight. 😉 I wasn’t planning on working out today, but I can do this at home! WOO HOO!

    • Oh yeah, it’s on! I’m doing this one too…can’t wait to see who steps up their game tonight!

      • Here’s how my routine went…

        PRE GAME

        10 min light (dumbbell) DB work

        MAIN EVENT

        Find New 1 Rep Max (1RM)

        9 sets here:

        1.125 lbs (#) / 20+ reps
        4.245/1 (tied my old PR)
        9.145/12 (wide grip)

        *Well, I’m a bit stuck at 245# for my flat bench 1RM, but can’t say I didn’t go for it…by the 3rd failed attempt at 251#, I knew it wasn’t happening. Sometime failure, can actually make our desire stronger though, ya know!?


        “Triple Play” MetCon (As above)
        2:53 min
        *This was a lot of fun at 5 rounds…next time I may go for additional rounds. The heavy bench prior did get me hung up a bit here, so will do it on an upper body pull day, or leg day.


        100 Double Unders for time
        *Double Unders are a jump roping move where the rope travels under you twice per jump.

        8 min DB Swings/mix

        12 min jump rope/footwork drills

        TOTAL WORK: 43 minutes

        • Dang! Tough looking workout there! Maxing out is always fun!

          I did your challenge! 🙂 I “cheated” by using my Iron Gym pullup bar, set it on the ground for pushups and dips, so I had a “station” and could move from one exercise to the next without any breaks whatsoever. LOVE doing pushups on that thing. The ROM feels more natural, but that is irrelevant!

          GREAT little challenge! It was fun and was just enough to wake my sorry butt up!

          Time: 2:24 🙂

          • SICK time Genie!!!
            Well, there you go everybody…I got beat, uh no CRUSHED by a girl and I’m okay with it 🙂
            Honored you enjoyed the “Triple Play”

  2. I’m intruiged …. I’ll do this tonight and let you know how I do!! 🙂

  3. Here’s some commentary (via Facebook) from
    Robin B…

    RB: 4:12 whew.
    ME: Awesome job Robin!
    As recommended, or with substitutions?
    RB: just like it said but i didn’t have those push up paddles. and on the last 2 sets i just did 20 straight thru of each. i was getting tired. 😉 i’m fast but tire easily. usually short people are fast though. i need endurance…
    ME: This type of Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) will do that for ya 🙂 You may also consider doing more rounds, or adding resistance (ie- weighted vest).

  4. […] Got a call on Sunday from my client, and good friend Josh Roer- a junior at Bodoin College, MA. He’s on their tennis team there, and is looking to get back into prime shape for his season coming up in May. Tennis is a terrific sport for life, which incorporates both aerobic, and anaerobic elements. To get his endurance up, we drill heavy, and today we ended with the NU-FiT “Triple Play” MetCon Routine here. […]

  5. Looking to start a better workout. I had knee surgery about 3 yrs ago my knee never healed properly so I find it very diffucult to bend it much. I did go to physical therapy but that did not help much when I was being sent from one therapist to another n constantly changing what each one would tell me to do. What kind of workout do u recommend I do go to the gym I usually do about 25 mins on the threadmill but about half way into it my knee starts to want to give out.

  6. After doing the 1500 on Sun and 1.5 hrs of TKD yesterday, I figured today was a rest day.

    Then – I made the mistake of checking FB and came across this. I need to work on conditioning and figured I could spare a few minutes for this challenge.

    4m 09s – Not Genie’s Amazing Performance – But I will take it.


  7. I will deff add this to the end of my workouts, and let u know how it goes :))

  8. […] THAT?!? Check out my 1st MetCon blog post for a […]

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