THE “1500” Workout Challenge is perfect to perform at home, as it requires minimal equipment – just a pull up bar & jump rope. This routine was presented by my friend Tyler Sullivan. He’s an IT wizard by day, and a fellow health-nut the rest of the time! It was originally created by my friends at Crossfit Catamount.I enjoyed this workout so much, that I wanted to share it with you…

Here’s the simple routine:

* * * * * *

100 Singles (Jump Rope)

10 x Burpees

10 x Sit Ups

10 x Pushups

10 x Squats

10 x Pull Ups

x 10 ROUNDS = 1500 Total Reps

* * * * * *

You’re already on your way to these:

Scale The “1500” to your fitness level:

Beginners: 3-5 rounds; Take breaks as needed, and limit range of motion (ROM).

Intermediate: 5 – 10 rounds

Advanced: As prescribed.

This Challenge was- like the rest- BRUTAL, but it felt fantastic to complete.

Workouts like this are not only a test of your physical strength, but you’re mental toughness, as well.

I completed all 10 rounds in 26:44 minutes.

My goal was to beat Tyler’s time of 25:06, but he definitely got me….this time! Great job my friend, and thanks for sharing this routine!

Post comments and results below.

Be Well,

Maximillian Barry

Where Nutrition & Fitness Becomes a Lifestyle


16 Responses

  1. […] also told him to try out my “1500″ workout. His results from my challenge are here! He did a very good […]

  2. hmmm, I like the look of this…good switch up to the usual interval/cardio circuit. More bang for the buck which is always good. Will have to try!

  3. Done and I’m done…time for a nice soak.

    This was a good wake up call. Taking it easy on conditioning over the winter, I paid the price today.

  4. Think I’ll give that a try!! I like a good challenge!

  5. I love seeing people try this WOD. It humbles everyone. Good luck all!

  6. Max,

    This looks AWESOME. I don’t have a pull up bar yet, do you have a suggestion on a substitiute? Would bands work ok? I’ve got a collection of those………

    Have been doing Insanity for the last 30 days. Let’s see how I do with this!

    • Find a playground or park, most of the time there is a tree or monkey bars or something.
      You may also try substituting with band rows if you’d like…you may consider doubling, or tripling the reps here, as they’re not as intense.
      Would love to know how it goes for ya! Enjoy!

  7. Max, just wanted to come in and post I tried The 1500 this morning at the gym — and OMG, what a workout! I was nearly dead by the time I was finished. (32 min 18 seconds according to my Gymboss timer) Not bad for a 41 yr old! 🙂

    I guess I attracted attention from 2 guys that work out at 5am like I do and usually are dragging on Monday mornings. and they asked me if I had made up the routine; I gave them your site address.

    I am planning to incorporate in my workout program. Talk about a great way to start the week!

    Awesome workout!

  8. Interesting…I like it. We have a “version” as well:

  9. FYI all, this WOD was created by my gym CrossFit Catamount. I did not design this WOD. I should have clarified this. Check them out!

  10. Max,

    Great looking routine. I will be giving it a try very soon and will see if I can beat 25:06. 🙂

  11. […] (btw Max helped Scott with last week’s twitter chat on Optimum Wellness).  Max’s 1500 challenge gave me a wake up call on my conditioning.  Since then, I have been creatively employing his […]

  12. I think I may try this with Allison tonight! Thanks dude!

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