Top Fitness Tips Of All Time

Fitness Tips From Max Barry, Certified Personal Trainer

Through many years of training clients (and myself), I’d like to share some of my all time best fitness & workout tips with you. Enjoy!

FITNESS TIP #1 – Do you use your cell phone’s calendar? Schedule your workout times, just like other important appointments.

FITNESS TIP #2 – Belly fat is very stubborn. Once there, it wants to stay there. Only eating clean real food & training with intensity burns it away.

FITNESS TIP #3 – Plyometrics torch more calories & fat than their traditional counterparts. Add jumping elements to these great basics: squats, lunges, pushups.

FITNESS TIP #4 – Want strong bones? Exercise increases bone density. High intensity activity is most effective for preserving bone mass.

FITNESS TIP #5 – Free weights reign supreme. Training without anything to support your body onto, forces you to engage your core the whole time.

FITNESS TIP #6 – Focus on compound movements. You will work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, which will increase your lean muscle mass & therefore increase your metabolism. Favorites include: squats,  lunges, deadlifts, good mornings, pushups, bench presses, pullups, rows, dips.

FITNESS TIP #7 – Do cardio after weights to burn fat. Your weight training will be more intense & you’ll exhaust your glycogen storage. It’s all fat burning from there! Try finding a sport/activity that you enjoy after your weight training sessions that will keep your body moving…think hiking, jogging, tennis, basketball, volleybal, etc.

FITNESS TIP #8 – Don’t compare yourself to others’ fitness levels. Invest in yourself, commit, train hard & you will reach your goals.

FITNESS TIP #9 – Listen to your body! Some days you feel like you can lift a car, while other days just 15 minutes seems like a stretch.

FITNESS TIP #10 – Proper form is a top priority. Knowing how to perform an exercise will allow you to train smarter & prevent injuries. Learn from the best: certified personal trainers, fellow gym enthusiasts, online resources.

*Note: I will continually add to this list, so check back often. Thanks…Now go WORKOUT!


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