When COSTCO Gives You Lemons…

Ok so they didn”t give them to me, I bought them…and heres what they looked like after I got to em:

Anything you buy at Costco/Sam’s Club is generally more than you (will ever) need.  The savings is great though.

Why turn them into lemon cubes?

I don’t want them to go bad. Only paid $6.79 for all 5 lbs for them.  Got home.  Busted out the sakura knife, and trimmed off the peels on four of the pounds; saved the other 3 large lemons for immediate use. Putting them into trays allows them to individually quick freeze before you later transfer (once frozen) them into freezer bag, or other storage vessel:


Pull em out of the freezer before you need them…these will probably last me for months.  Oh, and the peels- throw them into your compost pile.  Zero waste is a very good thing!

Be Well