THE “1500” Workout Challenge is perfect to perform at home, as it requires minimal equipment – just a pull up bar & jump rope. This routine was presented by my friend Tyler Sullivan. He’s an IT wizard by day, and a fellow health-nut the rest of the time! It was originally created by my friends at Crossfit Catamount.I enjoyed this workout so much, that I wanted to share it with you…

Here’s the simple routine:

* * * * * *

100 Singles (Jump Rope)

10 x Burpees

10 x Sit Ups

10 x Pushups

10 x Squats

10 x Pull Ups

x 10 ROUNDS = 1500 Total Reps

* * * * * *

You’re already on your way to these:

Scale The “1500” to your fitness level:

Beginners: 3-5 rounds; Take breaks as needed, and limit range of motion (ROM).

Intermediate: 5 – 10 rounds

Advanced: As prescribed.

This Challenge was- like the rest- BRUTAL, but it felt fantastic to complete.

Workouts like this are not only a test of your physical strength, but you’re mental toughness, as well.

I completed all 10 rounds in 26:44 minutes.

My goal was to beat Tyler’s time of 25:06, but he definitely got me….this time! Great job my friend, and thanks for sharing this routine!

Post comments and results below.

Be Well,

Maximillian Barry

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WOD 01.07.10

20 Hour fast prior to workout session.  Coconut milk and coffee amino shooter, plus 400 mg caffeine pre-workout.  Steadily sipped on a custom protein shake pre, peri, and post-workout.


5 min FIR Sauna

5 min jump rope

* * *

3 Rounds of this triplet, non-stop:

A) 20 jumping pull ups

B) 20 bench dips

C) 20 squats

* * *

2 warm up sets each:

A) Deadlift

B) DB Thruster





Heavy Hybrid WOD

5 rounds for time of the following couplet:

A) 5 Deadlifts @ 225 lbs

B) 5 DB Thruster @ 2 x 40 lbs

* Completed Time_____8:18



3 rounds for time of the following triplet:

A) 60 sec swiss ball planks

B) 20 squats

C) 10 swiss ball push ups

*Completed Time_____4:56



1000 reps jump rope (mixed)

5 min agility/footwork drills



* * *

The Heavy Hybrid WOD was brutally draining. It was the 1st time I attempted this routine. I would like to get my thrusters up a bit, but was happy with my completion time.

To scale down this WOD, you can drop down in weight…but it ain’t called a HEAVY Hybrid for nothing.  It is designed as such, to build both power and strength.

The After Party today is a simple Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) Routine that you can do just about anywhere.

Are metcon’s a part of your training program? Would you like to try this one?

Post comments and rounds below.

* * * * *

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* * * * *

I started working with a new client today. Sue, thanks for coming by the NU-FiT Studio. It was great to meet you, and I look forward to helping you reach your goals. Sue was in a motorcycle accident in April 2009, and has bounced back. Now, she’s ready to take her fitness into her own hands again!

Great job Sue! We also went over her goals today. What are your fitness goals? May I help you reach them? Just drop me a line…I would love to be a part of your healthy lifestyle upgrade 🙂

Be Well,

Maximillian Barry

Where Nutrition & Fitness Become a Lifestyle

WOD 01.06.10

______WORKOUT OF THE DAY______


Cindy is a CrossFit benchmark routine. It’s a fat-killer and full body circuit requiring only a pull-up bar.

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) 20 minutes

3 Exercises stacked back to back:

A) 5 reps Pull Ups

B) 10 reps Push Ups

C) 15 Squats

"CINDY" WOD: 5 Pull ups, 10 Push ups, 15 Squats AMRAP 20 min.

Advanced: Perform as recommended.

Intermediate: Adjust Range of motion (ie-jumping/band pull-ups) as needed.

Beginner: Take breaks as needed, but aim for 5 rounds total.

Post comments and rounds below.

* * * * *

To post a comment, you will be asked to sign in (takes 2 seconds)…But if you’re concerned with signing in to my site, don’t be…I hate spam, and even though you will be prompted to for your email, I would NEVER share it with anyone! Additionally, you can use a made-up user name, too

* * * * *

Be Well,

Maximillian Barry

WOD 01.01.10

18 Hour fasted-state pre-workout…primed for fat burning, and pumped to ring in 2010 right!

How did you did you ring in the new year? Whatever you did, I hope you had a great time. Me, I had a different spin on things…

I had a nice gathering at the house, yet as midnight approached my fate was evident…Yep, get in a rockstar workout.  I was actually jumping rope as I heard the countdown…5-4-3-2-1…Let’s GO! What a blast! Fun? Yes. Crazy? Maybe. How crazy is it?  There must be others working out as the ball drops, right? Well, for me it was SO right.  Currently organizing a group workout for all the other ‘crazies’ out their 🙂

I took a partial rest day 12.31.09 : Shoveling, sledding, and snowballs for 2 hours.

Full rest day 12.30.09 due to the HUGE WOD 12.29.09



5 min jump rope.

Then, with 2 x 10 lbs perform these moves explosively, and without rest:

50 Standing DB twists w/ opposite elbow to knee lift

30 Squat cleans

30 Romanian Deadlifts (RDL)

30 Push ups

30 Dips



Grab your jump rope, because now it’s time for the Metabolic Conditioning (metcon) portion of the workout. This will work challenge your aerobic, anaerobic, and glycogenic  pathways, plus torch body fat.


8 Rounds, 4 min total exercise: 20 sec all out effort, 10 sec rest

Double Unders (rope passes under you twice w/ each jump)

Tabata Score: 21

* The score is the least number of reps for any of the eight intervals.

** Reps / round: 31, 28, 26, 24, 26, 24, 22, 21



Perform the following 2 moves back to back before taking a rest:

a. DB Squat Clean (DBSC)

b. Romanian Deadlifts (RDL)


1) 15 reps DBSC @ (2 x 25 lbs) /21 reps RDL @ 75 lbs

2) 12 (2 x 30) /15 @125

3) 10 (2 x 35) / 8 @175

4) 6 (2 x 40) / 5 @225

5) 4 (2 x 45) / 4 @225

6) 3 (2 x 50) / 8 @175

7) 5 (2 x 50) / 9 @175

* Hit new PR on set #7 —>5 reps DBSC @ 2 x 50’s!!


Full Body Circuit, descending in weight/reps:

100 reps RDL @ 125 lbs

100 Good Mornings @ 25#

50 Sumo Deadlifts @ 50#

50 Squats


10 min footwork, agility, and light DB work

* * * * * *

Total Workout Time Today: 61 minutes

It felt amazing to kick off this brand new year with a killer workout!

Is getting into better shape on your list of resolutions?  If so, you’re not alone- over 60% of people are right there with you.

For those of you who train consistently, what are your fitness goals?

Will you eat healthier this year? What does that mean to you?

I’d love to know how you plan on upgrading your health for 2010.  If you’re concerned with signing in to my site, don’t be…I hate spam, and even though you will be prompted to for your email, I would NEVER share it with anyone! Additionally, you can use a made-up user name, too.

Happy Healthy 2010!

Be Well,

Maximillian Barry

WOD 12.29.09


Pre Game

2 min Jump rope

Then…4 Rounds of this circuit:

1) 12 push-ups

2) 21 squats

3) 12 dips

4) 60 sec jump rope

Main WOD


Annie is a CrossFit benchmark workout routine. Perform this 2 exercise circuit as fast as possible:

1) Double unders

2) Full sit-ups

Rep sequence 50, 40, 30, 20, 10

* Completed “ANNIE” in 8:46 minutes

This was my second attempt at this routine.  The 1st time, I was unable to execute double unders- a jump rope maneuver where the rope travels under your feet twice per jump. A good substitution is knee tucks.

I have since got a nice feel for this move. In all 5 rounds, I did not miss one jump.

1st attempt on 10.29.09_______11:34 min

2nt attempt on 12.29.09________8:46 min

Shaved off nearly 3 minutes!

After Party

Took a breather, sipped on a protein shake, and knocked out another 2 move circuit. Perform 5 rounds for time:

1) 20 (10/side) reps 50 lb DB Sumo-unilateral deadlifts

2) 10 reps 75 lb BTN push press

* Completed 5 rounds in 9:56 min

Hotel Lobby

Finished my shake, and performed executed this routine for time:

12 reps 50 lb DB Swings (DBS)

250 single unders (SU)

22 DBS

250 SU

32 DBS

250 SU

22 DBS

250 SU

12 DBS

250 SU

* Completed this mega set in 12:02 min


Total Workout Time ______ 41 minutes

After taking yesterday off, I was primed for hitting the WOD(s) today!

Are you going big with your workouts this holiday season? Are ya working out at this time at all?

Any one of these routines would definitely fit the bill, if you’re looking for a quick workout you can do just about anywhere.

Be Well,

– Maximillian Barry

WOD 12.25.09



5 min jump rope


Metabolic Conditioning (Metcon) WOD:

30 sec sprint (jump rope)

15 Kettlebell Swings (45 lbs)

15 Push-ups

Metcon workouts generally consist of full body circuit, which boosts both aerobic AND anaerobic pathways.

Perform all moves in this circuit, as fast as possible (no breaks) until your reach 5 rounds.

* I completed 5 rounds in 7:19 minutes.

Main WOD: ‘ELIZABETH’ (scaled)

‘Elizabeth’ is a CrossFit benchmark routine.  Perform as a circuit, as fast as possible (no breaks).

Rep scheme: 21, 15, 9. Alternate between these 2 moves:

Full Squat Cleans (95 lbs)

Bench Dips

* I completed ‘Elizabeth’ in 9:52 minutes

After Party

25 Kettlebell Swings (35 lbs)

25 Double unders

25 KB Swings (35 lbs)

25 Double unders

25 Broomstick Twists

25 Squats

25 Broomstick Twists

25 Squats

* I completed this mega-circuit in 9:38 minutes

Hotel Lobby

5 min light jump rope

Total Workout Time Today____37 minutes

I took yesterday off, so I was feeling well rested going into todays Multi-WOD session.  Plus, I’m going big for the holidays!

Are you getting in your workouts this time of year?

I had another great workout partner today…thanks Shana. You absolutely killed it girl! Shana is my favorite- albeit the only- sister in the whole wide world 🙂 I think she’s extra motivated right now, as there’s a cruise in her near future.  We are all motivated by different things…and that’s okay. The trick is keeping it up.

It’s all too easy to get out of a routine right about now.  However, it’s just as good a time-if not better- to form a workout habit.  Making time with family and friends to engage in group activities/workouts is a fantastic way to add fuel to the proverbial fire.

Hope you’re having a healthy and happy holiday season!

Be Well,



Where Nutrition & Fitness Become a Lifestyle.

Happy Holidays 2009

Here's to Your Health...Cheers!